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Astral search uk interview some people,celebrities  and teams who work in different parts of the paranormal field

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Haunted Dolls



 Set up to study and understand the link between a entities and the item's they are connected to. Haunted dolls are based in shropsire in the u.k and have speaclised in haunted dolls and E.V.P work connected to them.

 Here they explain to us about the work they do in the paranormal and some of the history on the dolls they in their collection.

can you explain who haunted dolls are and what you do?

Haunted Dolls is the name I give to my Facebook page and Website to help other identify what my collection is all about. We are not a business, just a growing group of enthusiasts always searching for new items to research and investigate. I am fascinated by the link between spirits and dolls. We do occasionally come across other items, but largely dolls.

Whats the Haunted item in your collection, and were did it come from?

I have several items in my personal collection. Most I have came by as a result of investigations we have been asked to perform. My first item was a doll called Lilibet (Elizabeth). She came to me from an elderly lady who had lived on her own for over 30 years since the death of her Husband and sister. Lilibet was a vessel for the spirit of her sister. She would see her sister around the doll a lot and chatted with her often. As she got older however, she began to despise the attention the doll (and her sister) commanded of her. She wanted peace and quiet and asked me to take the doll and look after her. I took her home and she has been with me since. It took a while for the spirit of her sister to settle, but she is now accustomed to her new home and we have held some every interesting investigations with her and documented her voice on EVP several times.

once an item is bought or removed from a location does this stop the hauntings at the location?

Yes, usually. The items I have in my collection hold an attachment with their specific spirit/soul. So when they are transferred somewhere else, providing a blessing I performed to welcome their soul, the activity ceases at the original location and usually, after a settling in period, resumes at its new location.

Teams studying and collecting haunted items is rare when was your team founded and what lead to it been set up?

Haunted Dolls came together naturally really over several years. I have always been obsessed with the paranormal, and spent a lot of my spare time researching, visiting supposedly haunted locations and meeting people who had experienced unexplained phenomenon. I began to realize that there was a definite link between paranormal activity, and dolls owned by those experiencing things. I was donated a few dolls as time went on, as owners did not want to keep them, and that’s when my interest in dolls specifically took off. My partner Simon, and a few family members became interested too, and started joining me on investigations. We decided to set up a facebook page and website for people to learn about our findings, and decided on a nice simple name……Haunted Dolls! Since creating an online presence we have been amazed at how many other people out there are fascinated with dolls, and items like ours.

Can you explain to our readers what E.V.P is and hows it gained on an investigation?

EVP is Electronic Voice Phenomenon and is basically a recording, usually captured by standard voice recorder, of the voice of a spirit. We find our best recordings come when we leave a recorder on overnight, or for a prolonger period of time, in a room alone with whichever doll we are investigating. Sometimes we capture EVPs when we ask questions aloud, but not often.

How do you confirm a item is the cause of a haunting?

Whenever we’re contacted by someone, we always visit them with a view that there is nothing paranormal going on. Its best to go with this attitude then you don’t get carried away by every little creak, squeak or tap that you hear. I use a recorder while Im speaking and listen back to see if we have picked anything up. I also leave a recorder running overnight. I have a friend who is a psychic medium, Kathleen. She comes along too, usually on my 2nd visit to a home/location, if I feel there may be something paranormal going on. She attempts to make contact with any spirits present. We document everything that goes on in the form of case notes, so that we can refer back. Once we feel that a location or item has proved to us beyond doubt that there is some form of unexplained activity going on, we will confirm an item as ‘haunted’. By haunted we really mean paranormally active/connected.

 Is there any thing you wish to add for our readers?

I am in the process of clearing out some items from my collection, to make room for new study objects. If anyone has an item they have concerns about, and would like me to investigate it for them, please get in touch. I do not charge for my investigative work, as its more like a hobby for me! Likewise, any collectors or enthusiasts interested in rehoming any of my current dolls, also please get in touch.


Route 66 paranormal Alliance (PAL.)



Based in U.S.A Route 66 paranormal alliance have done some amazing locations. Alica Holder (founder) and Andrew Muller (team leader) take the time out of their busy day to talk to us about the work this great team does.

Mrs Holder and Mr Muller welcome to astralsearch uk.

How did you first become interested in the paranormal?

Alicia Holder: As far back as I can remember I have always seen things and felt things. I was aware of things that other people weren't.
So it felt natural to become involved in the paranormal world and seek out the answers that I was searching for.
I am originally from Los Angeles California and have been in the Midwest of America for the past 7 years. In 2009 I found myself starting Route 66 Paranormal Alliance. I have found a great comfort in the evidence and experiences that I have had since the conception of Route 66 PAL (Paranormal Alliance) and will continue to help others to answer their paranormal questions.

Andrew Muller: Well even though I have always seen things as far back as I can remember, I really first became, interested in the paranormal after my grandmother passed away when I was 6 years old. My grandmother actually started appearing to me and kept a watch over me until I turned 18. It definitely made for some awkward moments I will tell you that.

Can you tell us about your paranormal team route 66 paranormal?

Alicia Holder and Andrew Muller: Well as said earlier we started out in 2009. We have been out in the field working to help others, to be sensitive to the need of others and their experiences, and to seek the truth. We strive to preserve historical sites as well as the history behind them and to extend research in the paranormal. To unite others in the search and to bring teams together to work towards a new standard of community.

Whats the best location you have been to and why?

Alicia Holder and Andrew Muller: The Wilson's Creek Battlefield area here in Missouri. It was one of the bloodiest battles of the U.S. Civil War. Missouri was a divided state during the U.S. Civil War so the battles here pitted brother against brother and war back in those days had high mortality rates. All the emotions that went on during that period in this area make it a wonderful location for paranormal activity.

Do you think the paranormal scene is diffrent in the U.S than it is here in the U.K?

Alicia Holder: Yes. Just as the West Coast is different from the East Coast here in the states. The ages and histories of the areas are different. The historical landmarks that you have and the history behind them are so much more richer and tragic. The energies behind them are legendary.

Andrew Muller: Most definitely. The historical backgrounds of the land and people are completely different from one another. I can walk around here in the states and feel the old native energies of the original people of the land. That feeling would be completely different in the U.K. just as it changes from area to area here in the states.

Many teams in the u.k use mediums on them, some feel this is an old and outdated form of research what do you think on this?

Alicia Holder: I think here in the U.S. the word sensitive or medium is almost a dirty word. I personally believe that sensitives or mediums are useful and vital in paranormal research. For instance, if someone were to get a name or date these things can be checked through historical records. If they weren't useful they wouldn't be used in modern investigations. I welcome sensitives and mediums or psychics on the team. This subject is actually a very passionate subject for me.

Something of which that I will be speaking on at Pagan Picnic St. Louis, in St. Louis Missouri here in the states which is going on from June 10th-11th. If anyone happens to be in the area feel free to come on by and visit us there.

Andrew Muller: While it might be an old form I do not believe it is outdated. Being sensitives ourselves we rely on our sense to help us get that scientific evidence that everyone wants. You can call it intuition or being psychic or whatever you want, but I can tell you it helpsand our "senses" haven't failed us yet.

If you could pick any haunted location in the world to investigate were would it be and why?

Alicia Holder: I would go to Egypt. I want to investigate as many of the historical sites that I can. That is something. I have always wanted to do and would be one of my biggest dreams come true. To be able to follow the footsteps of ancient pharaohs and to hear messages from temple priests long ago.

Andrew Muller: The place I would love to investigate the most is Stone Henge. I feel a connection to it. Not only is it an ancient site of some of my ancestors but it (Stone Henge) and the surrounding areas are great achievements of mankind.

Is their anything you'd like to share with our readers.

Alicia Holder: We would both like to thank you for the chance to share our experiences and give any information. We are always available to help others in any way we can. You can check out our website and we are also on facebook. There are links to our facebook pages on our website also.

Andrew Muller: I would just like to share that whenever you get the hankering to go investigating, remember to stay safe,


Mrs Holder & Mr Muller thank you for taking the time to speak to us hear at Astral search uk and sharing the work both of you and we wish you the all the best and happy hunting in the future. Anyone who wishs to know more about this great team can look them up on our links page here on our site,  they also may be contacted on their own site too.

Spirits or Not Paranormal

Tracy Jones speaks to us here about her work with Wrexham based paranormal team Spirts or Not paranormal. Thank Mrs Jones for taking the time to speak to us and welcome to Astral search uk.

How long have you been a paranormal investigator?

I have only been a paranormal Investigator for the past year, but my interest in the Paranormal has spanned over 20 years.

Are you part of a paranormal team if so what are they called?

 I am Founder of the Spirits or Not Paranormal team along with my Co-founder Andrea Gardner

Where are your team based?

We are based in Wrexham but dont have any problems or issues in investigating further afield locations

Whats the best place you ever investigated and why?

We have investigated numerous locations both as a paranormal team and as part of a ghosthuting team with Afterdark LTD and i would say that St Briavels Castle in Glouschester that we visited with Afterdak for the Halloween weekend.. The ammount of activity was overwhelming to a point that even the parapsychologist who attends who is a complete sceptic was astounded with the thigs that were happening such as auditory evidence, people having severe mood alterations etc etc, so this i would say is by far our number one place at the moment

Whats the best encounter you've had on an investigation?

This is a difficult question to answer in so much as we have encountered a number of odd phenomena from auditory to moving objects and dark shadows that i cant say which is the best as they were all great in there own way ...

Do you think the paranormal programs on t.v are a help to paranormal teams like yourself or not?

T.V programmes around now that are highlighting the world of paranormal, can sometimes have an adverse effect on how people percieve us as a genuine, unbiased paranormal investigation team, When people ask us about how we go about investigating they almost always expect us to have the same equipment as the likes of T.A.P.S lol but in reality small groups such as ours that have only just got together only have the basic equiment required to do certain investigations...That doesnt mean we cant get the results we are looking for just because we dont have shed loads of cameras round the location or thermal imagers...

Can you tell us about any future investigations or projects you or your team maybe involed.

We are currently looking at doing some Radio and or newspaer articles highlighting what we do in our locall area.. We have a number of exciting locations coming up that we are going to be investigating in the new year along with our good friends AfterDark LTD.

Is their anything you want to share with our readers?

Here at spirits or Not we pride ourselves on our honesty and our abilities in what we do, if we attend a alledged haunted location and find nothing on our investigation then we say sorry but we didnt find anything THIS Time.. also as a team rightly or wrongly we are very scepical about images of so called Orbs instead we prefer to call them light anomalies, and allow the readers of our reports to make up there own minds based on the information we provide.

We at Astral search uk thank Tracy Jones for talking to us here and wish you and your team all the best in the future with your investigations Spriit or Not paranormal can be followed on their website at

Ghost Dimension


Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico and formed from a group of investigators all with an interest in the paranormal they investigate a part of the world where their are a very limited amount of teams. with such a deep routed history of wars, and slavery this part of the world should be very haunted. 

Astral search uk welcome's Ghost Dimension and thanks you for taking the time to speak to our readers. 

Can you tell my readers were your team is based?

Ghost Dimension is a paranormal research team based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

How long has Ghost Dimension been together and why were they set up?

As a research team we have been together for a year. The truth is that individually we have always had a strong interest in the paranormal, once we found each other, we decided to found Ghost Dimension because of the absence of investigators in Puerto Rico . We love what we do and we love sharing it with the world.

The uk has many haunted locations due to our history is this the same for Porto Rico?

Puerto Rico is an island full of history, colonization, wars, slavery, natural disasters are only some of the dramatic events puertorricans have suffered.

Whats the best location you have been to and why?

Our favorite location has to be the Aguirre Hospital. The place looks amazing, has amazing history and plenty residual activity. We had a few personal expiriences, one of the investigators ask':''Why are you still here?'' and we caught a class A evp saying:''I don't know...''. Pretty amazing evp.
Here is the trailer of the investigation in Aguirre Hospital:

As an investigation team do you think mediums are still a good way of getting information on mordern investigations?

As a paranormal investigation team, we believe that mediums can be very helpful in investigations, but not always necessary.

Can you tell us of any future plans or projects Ghost Dimension is involed with?

We have a couple of projects planned and in process. We are still researching our last location but we expect more amazing places, more history, more equipment and more of us.

Is their anything you'd like to share with our readers?
If you want to know more about haunted places in Puerto Rico or more about history of Puerto Rico. We will show you the side of Puerto Rico you haven't seen.
Here is our facebook page:
Here is our YouTube channel:
If you want to know us better, follow us:

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to talk to us here Ghost Dimension can be reached via the links on this interveiw and the link on our website.

Solihull paranormal  Investigation team


  Solihull paranormal is a paranormal investigation and events  team based in Birmingham in the west midlands. They have held many investigations at some of the most haunted locations in the uk. They also hold regular events and physic fairs for thr the pubilc to attend. Their founder and lead investigator Sharon fountain talks to astral search uk on the work Solihull paranormal do.

Sharon Fountian welcome to astral search uk and thank you for taking the time to speak to our readers.

How long has solihull parnormal been a team?
Solihull Paranormal have been together for around 7 years.
How many are in the team are they all belivers in the paranormal?
There are 11 of us and Anthony is still slightly skeptical, but the other's believe including me.
Whats the best location you been to ?
Our best location was Bodelwyddan. I didn't have a huge team then, but i took some friends. One friend was a non believer till she visited Bodelwyddan, and after the table tilting experience which frightened her so much, she was almost sick, she came out a believer. I think Tutbury was extremely good too.
In this age of gagets and tec do you think mediums still have a place at paranormal investigations?
I think mediums can be quite helpful. I know ours is. We never tell her about the locations, and she's trustworthy enough not to search. Jackie never goes over the top either, if there is nothing there, she's honest, if there is she'l tell us. The gadgets are very usefull too, especially as regarding recordings and getting temperature changes checked. It's great to look back on something, you may have missed at the location, and there is the recording of it. We haven't always had a medium, so i found Jackie who lives and breathes the paranormal. She stays pretty much in the background at times. We can sometimes pick things up ourselves when Jackie is not there, and thats been quite good. It makes us work harder, and i think you become more open the more you do.
Can you tell our readers about any future projects you or Solihull paranormal will be involed in?
We have a future project which we have yet to do, and thats our psychic Fayre. We do this for charity too, so helps Cancer and the British Heart Foundation, but we'll help any charity wishing to be there. Other than that, we are busy looking for other great locations, including a future return to The Guild Hall Coventry, by popular request. We were offered a chance to write a book too, but that has gone on the back burner at the moment due to lack of people letting us investigate in and around Solihull, so we travel about.
Is their anything you'd like to share with our readers?
We would like to say, that we've worked with other teams, and found it a good experience. It's good to see how they work so that you may bring some of that into our own experiments. It's hard work, but extremely enjoyable. We are friendly and welcoming, and have never or will put another team down. Work together, don't expect too much, as it's luck that pays a part at times. Never mock or make fun of anyone who has
had an experience themselves. Listening is good. We have a meeting once a year to iron out any niggles, this helps keep the team together , but that is just how Solihull Paranormal work, but it works for us. Keep it busy, try different experiments add a little laughter during the breaks, but keep it serious when investigating.
Sharon fountain thank you for taking the time to talk to our readers about solihull paranormal and the work they do. Solihull paranormal team can be contacted via their website that is in our link section of this website.

Nicky Goldinray 
(paranormal investigator,researcher & exorcists investigator )

Nicky Goldinray has worked in the paranormal field for over 29 years and is a paranormal investigator,researcher and part of the  Order of Saint Michael. We thank you for talking to our readers and welcome to Astral search uk 

How did you first become interested in the paranormal? 

Becoming a paranormal investigator was a natural transition to be honest , i grew up in a very open minded loving family home , were my mom claimed to be able to communicate with spirit. Our home was always busy with people visiting to receive help and guidance from my mom and so it was just normal life , as we grew up my twin sister claimed to see spirit and so it fascinated me but at the same time distilled some fear . Being a twin I spent all my childhood by my sisters side and so when she claimed to see spirit I was in the vicinity, I could never see what she claimed to , but there was no denying I could feel a change in atmosphere. As a child growing up in this environment I witnessed very odd phenomena and would listen to all my mom said and would study her working ethics , from as early as 11 I was reading books on ghosts and spirits and would take my self off to the local library , it wasn't until much later into adulthood that I went on my first investigation , all these years on im 42 and still study everyday, I'm a seeker of life and I was born to do what I do. Many people due to their habitual patterns and conditioning of beliefs see spirit contact and life after death such a separate part of reality , that's why so many misconceptions are born. I perceive it as a integral part of who we are in this cycle of life.

Is your work as an exorcist anything like the movies?

Firstly I'm not an exorcist I'm an exorcist investigator and there is a difference. I'm one of 49 exorcist lead paranormal investigators currently in the Order of Exorcists, Order of Saint Michael, and we are spread across 18 jurisdictions in many states and countries. As lead exorcist investigators we are laity, and receive ongoing training in all areas of the process of Demonic investigation and assessment, we are just one part of the team that forms a complex process within the ministry. We interview people who have requested the orders services and so are first contact, we conduct demonic investigations according to the protocol of the order and prepare the assessment report for further action . This includes video , audio , photography and so on . It is forwarded onto Arch Bishop Ron Fely for further analysis and investigation . Within the order only clergy conduct an exorcism. Many movies accumulate misconceptions and there are many associated with exorcism.

How did you get involved in the exorcist type investigations?

An interesting question for any exorcist any exorcist investigator or demonologist. A very personal question . Many people seem to have such a built up picture of how exciting it would be to investigate dark force energy and how exciting it is to go hunt entities of such nature . It's not Buffy the vampire slayer , why would you want to place yourself your well being in dark environments , why would you want to venture were evil treads. It exists , you do not have to believe for dark force energy to believe in you . It's a journey we get called to do , my calling was about ten years ago and I resisted for a long time , however the pull was strong , I knew at the time I needed more experience , more knowledge , you cannot take on cases of a demonic nature if you have any doubts at all , your weaknesses may be used against you , you don't venture into the arena without amour and without being prepared . So I studied more not only demonology but human psychology, mind control ,mental disorders also energy in depth to name just a few topics , my faith evolved my senses heightened and slowly more cases of such nature gravitated to me , I knew that I was ready I couldn't resist the spiritual calling any longer. One particular day I sat at the computer and I came across Arch Bishop Ron Fely who is Chief Exorcist of the order and I knew I was being lead to his ministry , I joined the order under Arch Bishop Ron Fely's authority and and direction therefore the authority and protection of the church . Training and spiritual growth continues daily as it is who you are , it's not a label to carry that comes from ego , we don't work from ego we commit ourselves to the calling.

Are you part of a paranormal team if so tell us bit about them.

I'm lead investigator and co founder of TPI a team that has been in operation for many years , we aren't an events company but an hands on paranormal investigation team . We do conduct so many guest events a year , which isn't for profit, a location is hired and we decide on number of attendees based on price of location and split the cost between everyone , this enables our guests to see how we investigate . We are a very private orientated team that are driven to help people rather than obtain the best evidence we can . We work on private cases and travel the uk working on all classifications of hauntings , and of course cases of a demonic nature . We do not charge for any private call out , and will not ask for any money if a case builds and at no stage of the investigation will it cost .

Whats the best location you have being too and why? 

I've been to many locations private and commercial I've studied for 29 years and all locations are interesting to me . All locations hold energetic imprints and energetic patterns and are each individual , you build up a portfolio of locations and each hold memories and experiences. Each location equips you with new found knowledge and experience therefore lessons , accumulated data and so on this enables you to grow as an investigator. Every location talks to you if your willing to just slow down and listen . I haven't got a personal favorite , every location makes me tick .

Whats your view on mediums are they an outdated way to study the paranormal on a modern investigation?

A controversial question , you know I've got many friends who are mediums and everyone I've ever met is psychic to some degree . We are in the year 2015 and we are evolving greatly , if you just look at study into consciousness , DNA and bio electromagnetic's it's not rocket science even at basic level to build a picture that we are amazing beings . With the advancement of study into many areas we can see we are gaining answers about the structure the mechanisms being the human/spiritual being , we are all born with certain abilities and instincts and we are all psychic in our own individual way , we all can tune into energy via our senses our intuition a medium is that little step ahead just akin to the latest Mobil phone for example . All mediums are different and they utilize their abilities on a mental level , serving as a channel for communication and through development and fine tuning they become the best tool they can be the best instrument they were born to be . To suggest that mediums are out dated in a modern investigation in my opinion forms an egotistical approach to evolving who we so naturally are and what's naturally encoded in our DNA . We were born to awaken to remember . I believe on modern investigations there are individuals who do need further development and try to run before they can walk and this can lead to further issues later down the line .

whats your views on the paranormal t.v shows do they truly show what investigations are like? 

Para TV shows only form a percentage of what investigating is actually like , squeezed into a small time frame .. It is what it is .

Can you tell us about Mysteria Paranormal and whats its about?

mysteria paranormal is an events company so passionately run by John and Sue Blackburn. I adore hosting for Mysteria not only do they visit the most amazing locations they conduct an evening that's all about the guest , which delivers a unique evening. Below are links to Mysteria so you can Learn more

Who are the Order of the exorcists and what is their role in the paranormal studies

Rather than me tell you about the order , your welcome to take a look into the world of the order of exorcists by visiting the site below:

Is their anything you'd like to share with our readers?

Individuals need to awaken to the truth and filter through the many misconceptions that surround the paranormal field and what derives from mind conditioning of the past. Clear the mind and start focusing on seeing things as they really are not what they are perceived to be , the universe is a marvel embrace it and yourselves and the true essence of the soul. Don't get lost out there , stay focused and remember why your investigating , drop any ego that has festered and amplified as it doesn't serve your highest good. The paranormal field shouldn't be who has the most or latest equipment or who has the best label we are all seekers and the answers are there , there is so much to see to feel to experience just keep it real xx

Mrs Goldinray Astral search thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to talk to our readers and explain about your and your teams work in the paranormal. 

Shannon Boyer Jones
(paranormal investigator,actress and author) 


 Astral search welcomes author and paranormal investigator Shannon Jones. 

Shannon has two books on the paranormal and is head of black moon paranormal  based in the U.S.A. again thanks for taking time out to talk to our readers here.

How long have you been interested in the paranormal?

At this point, that is a very hard answer to pinpoint; I have had an interest in the paranormal for so many years now that I feel as though it has always been there. I suppose if I had to put a mark on a timeline for it, somewhere around the early 90s would be the best estimate. My first book on the subject was Mark Nesbitt’s Ghost of Gettysburg, the first one, and when I picked up this book it was the only one so that would put it around 1991. I remember watching television specials about ghosts on Unsolved Mysteries and on A&E. The latter had these fascinating shows on Haunted Castles of England, Ireland and Scotland that really captivated me.

Although, all of those examples are mainly based on stories and hearsay; my interest in the investigation and scientific parts of the field only began about 10 years ago.

As a published author have you wrote many books on the subject of the paranormal?

So far, I have two books out in publication. One is called Ghosts and Haunts of Pennsylvania and the second one is Ghosts and Haunts of the American Civil War. For 2014, I plan on releasing a sequel to the Pennsylvania book and a book on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I lived on the Outer Banks for several years during the end of high school and beginning of college. Quite a few of the stories I learned while I was down there are quite interesting.

Can you tell my readers a bit about your team Black Moon paranormal team?

I and a friend of mine founded the Black Moon Paranormal Society in October of 2009. The point of starting our own group was to ensure that those who have passed on are really getting the opportunity to speak for themselves. We hate to see other people go in to places and then act disrespectfully and only care about their own list of questions. As a group, we prefer to go in to places introduce ourselves and try to have conversations with the dead instead of grilling them for an interview. So far, I would say this technique has been quite successful; just like most other humans the deceased prefer to be a part of conversation not an interrogation. Of course, there is also the added bonus of knowing what you caught is more authentic when you find it for yourself.

Once we had our own techniques down, we did start conducting private home investigations. However, at this point there are so many other paranormal groups out there, it made us decided to back away from the private home aspect and to focus on the science and unanswered question portion of the paranormal field.

Overall, we keep the team small but it is filled with people of different backgrounds and interests; who most importantly, all get along with each other. We have someone who was a skeptic for most of his life, a person who is great with the technology aspect of things and, several people who have found the paranormal interesting or have been touched by it for various reasons. Everyone has their own, individual first time accounts and interests.

Where is the best location you have been too on an investigation and why?

My best would also be my first, and that is at Gettysburg National Battlefield in Gettysburg, PA. I have been to a lot of places over the years that have seen a lot of horrible, tragic events. Unlike some of those other places, at Gettysburg I have never felt threatened by the dead. They are willing to try and communicate with you in a polite manner. It is also an incredibly active area no matter what time of year you go. The first time I went there with someone to investigate, we went at dawn on a December morning; so there was really no one else around at the time, and we received an answer at the area called Devil’s Den where the famous sharpshooter picture was taken. We stood on the spot where the body was positioned for the picture and asked what his name was and how old he was at the time of the battle. The response for the name was really muffled by a static sound, so that part we could not hear. For his age, he said “twenty-four give or take.” For a first investigation, I really could not complain about catching such a clear answer.

Is your latest book on the paranormal?

Yes, so far all of my books are on the paranormal. In the future, I plan to write a few history books as well but for now you can expect only paranormal topics from me.

Many teams use mediums on their investigations what’s your view on this is this (as some teams think) an outdated method of investigation as a lot of teams use tech now?

I think the best way to explain my view on this is to say that I am a skeptic on the topic. There is so much unknown in the world that I do not want to automatically discredit anyone. I would never use a medium, sensitive, or psychic as my sole tool for evidence. However, I am not against someone who claims to have a connection going along on an investigation. I have had one go with my team on occasion; but I made sure that everyone understood that her findings were only to be used to compare to our scientific ones. For me, that is taking investigation to another step when you compare your findings with someone else; whether it is a medium or a team. It creates an interesting contrast.

Although, I do have my red flags as well; over the years I have been contacted by several people claiming to have psychic abilities. The moment that they say they charge a fee for their service or if they seem irritable when I tell them that anything they say will be noted but our sole assessments are based on the scientific evidence; then they just receive a flat out “no” and I tell them that I question their authenticity and heart in the field.

 Is there anything you wish to share with our readers?

As I said earlier, at this point we are primarily a paranormal research group. So if anyone is interested in our research they may feel free to visit our website at or they can e-mail us at [email protected]

Traice Law (paranormal investigator,actress and author) 


 Traice Law came from a famly who saw the paranormal world as the normal and is now a successful paranormal Investigator. As well as being an actress, writter and archieologyist. Mrs Law we thank you for taking the time to speak to us hear at astral search uk.

 How did you first become interested in the paranormal?

There wasn’t really any specific time I first became interested in the paranormal. I grew up in a family where it was just a normal part of life. My mom, grandmother, great-grandmother and so are/were all ‘sensitive’ to presences, though not in an ability to communicate with them way. So it was quite normal for me as a kid to walk into an old house and know I wasn’t alone. Thankfully it was also something we talked about as a family and not something that was shoved under the rug and ignored.

What’s the best location you have been to and why?
There is a lot of competition in the field of paranormal investigations, what is your view on this? Is it a good or bad thing?

Having been involved with the paranormal as long as I have, it’s tough to say whether this new level of competition is fully a good or bad thing. In a way it reminds me of the 80’s when Raiders of the Lost Ark first came out and suddenly everyone wanted to be an archaeologist (a hobby of mine) until they realized it was nothing like what they saw in the movie. I get the same impression with the paranormal. When the shows like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters hit big, suddenly everyone wanted to be a ghost hunter and it became acceptable and even mainstream. The problem was when they went out on investigations they all-too-often got bored because nothing was happening. And anyone who has done investigations can certainly attest to the fact you can be in a place all night and the most that might happen is a cat runs through scaring everyone (or I may not have had enough coffee which can be a very frightening thing for others!!). There are sadly too many new investigators who do not understand nor appreciate history and are merely trying to recreate what they see on TV and as a result think nothing of picking up museum pieces or even accidently breaking things at sites. The flip-side of that is that there have been a number of new investigators who have been beyond wonderful. They have brought new ideas and new equipment to the scene that otherwise might never have been incorporated into an investigation. It seems to be calming down a bit now and those that truly enjoy it and appreciate all aspects of being a paranormal investigator are staying and the others are moving on.

Are your books about the paranormal, Can you tell our readers about your latest book?

none of them currently are. One is a children’s book I did years ago. I did one earlier this year about the historic stained-glass windows of my church (I did the photography for the book). It was jointly published by the Boehm’s Church History Group, which I am a member of. My most recent one, The Art of Death: Honoring the Craftsmen, is a black and white photo book featuring many of the unique tombstones from around the world, especially Greyfriar’s Cemetery in Edinburgh – the most photogenic cemetery I have found! I have just started work on a paranormal book, however. It will feature a number of my own experiences around the world. It will hopefully be done by early summer

As a freelance investigator, do you find this is better than working with a team full time?

Much like the previous question, there are pros and cons to both. As a member of a team you tend to work with people you know and trust. You get a sense of what strengths and weaknesses each team member brings. As a team you also have access to more sites sometimes. It’s definitely far easier to convince a site to let you investigate as a team as opposed to an individual asking for access. However, being a freelance investigator offers more flexibility. If life gets a bit busy, you have the ability to take a break from investigating without feeling like you are letting others down. Though, you often need to build your reputation with a team and network before you can branch off and freelance.

Has your work as an archaeologist ever led to a paranormal investigation?

Actually yes. It was through the archaeology I was involved with at The Plankhouse in Marcus Hook, PA that I first started met many of the local paranormal teams. I can honestly say without a doubt that house is haunted and I rarely make that claim. The history of the house is that it is believed to date back to the late 17th/early 18th century and the local legend has always been it belonged to one of Blackbeard’s mistresses. We do know that Marcus Hook was often frequented by pirates, including Blackbeard, so it is possible. It is highly unlikely, however, any records stating it as fact will ever be found. Marcus Hook is located on the Delaware River so for most of its existence it was a tough seaport town… it still is a pretty rough neighborhood. Anyway, as a result of the history and the legend, when the house was opened up the owner began being contacted by paranormal groups. Since I was the only one working there who had any idea about the paranormal, I offered to be the contact person and the one to sit in with the groups and lock up afterwards. It was through this that I met Unseen Forces out of South Jersey. Soon after, I joined them on a part-time basis. They worked closely with Delaware Ghost Hunters… and that is how I became a member of Delaware Ghost Hunters for quite a few years. DGH is still a very active group that, sadly I had to leave because of time constraints and distance. I still help out occasionally, though.

Being an actress, it’s surprising you have time for investigations. Are you working on any movies at this time?
As much as I would love to say there is so much acting work in the Philadelphia area that I just don’t know what to do, that is not the case. I finished working on a film called Safe starring Jason Stratham in December and am waiting for productions to pick up again around here.


Our thanks to miss Law for your time and talking to readers about the work you do Traci work can be followed at the link she has left on the interveiw also she can be found in our links section of this site.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

Just if you are truly passionate about the paranormal keep at it. Yes, it can get a bit difficult sometime, especially with some of the drama in this field, but if it’s something you love to do stick with it. The historian/archaeologist side of me, however, begs of everyone to please respect sites when you are investigating. Don’t pick up museum pieces or sit on antique furniture just because you are doing an investigation. I don’t think I can state enough how many times I have seen that happen and I cringe every single time ☺.

My website is There you can find information about the books, upcoming events and random things. I can also be reached at [email protected]

Tim Jones (paranormal investigator)

How did you first become intrested in the paranormal?

My interest in the paranormal came as a young teenager at the age of 16 i had a job working as a leisure attendant at coesely school on ivy house lane, it was just more of a curiosity more than anything and as i began to read books on the subject i wanted to find out more about something that had previously passed my mind. From here i decided to find out more and joined local groups on investigations, took part in ghost walks and visited mediums.

You are a member of A.S.S.A.P (Assocation for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena) can you tell what this means?

Having applied for membership to A.S.SA.P it opend many avenues for me interms of methodology and research. ASSAP are a charity organisation that offer investigator training and accreditation (which I have not undertaken yet) I joined ASSAP due to the fact that there was information they provide that would

Can you tell us about your research team Lightseekers paranormal and the work they do?

My team lightseekers were set up in june 2008 after the collapse of a previous team i was involved with, what we looked at was our individual interests and an area of focus for us all to look into. The team are made up of 7 members who all have varying areas of interestes from UFO's to evp's or even mediumship to parapsychology (none of us are actual parapsychologiests) It was and always will be my passion to conduct indepth investigations to enable us to get the best results possible and this often means undertakeing long investigations by visiting the location on more than one occasion. By doing this it enables us to 1) get a feeling for the location and the surround areas 2) get an accurate understanding of all natural occurances that happen within the location.

Whats the best location you have being too and why?

The best location we have been to so far has to be smethwick swimming centre, This is simply because of the uniquness of the location.

Tell our readers about your radio show on the paranormal?

My weekly paranormal radio show aims to take people on a journey of insight into areas that otherwise are not looked at, each week we have a guest from the paranormal feild and its simply about shareing expereinces. The show has ventured into the areas of mediumship, past life regression, paranormal investigations and pararpsychology.

The show itself is called The Asylum and is live every sunday 7pm till 9pm uk time exclusivly at

Is their anything you'd like to share with our readers.

If people would like to learn more or to find out how to get involved in our events please go to our website or alternativly follow us on our facebook page by simply searching lightseekers.


Our thanks to Tim Jones for your time and talking to readers about the work you do Tim jones work can be followed at the link he has left on the interveiw.        (this interveiw was held in 2011)

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