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The following reports are only published with the permission of those involed in the case.
Some names are changed or witheld in  reports  also by request of those involed.






Reported activity:
  • Big Cat seen.
  • Gaint Snake reported.
In attendance:
  • Neil Sinnett.
  • Emma Jackson.
  • Lee Jackson.
Our findings:
investigation report 



(Wreckham,welsh Boarder)

(Full address withheld by request of tenant)

With Paranormal the Otherside

Reported activity:

  • footsteps heard on stairs.
  • Child been acttacked by unseen force.
In attendance:
Were Neil Sinnett, Richie Bear, Clair Meakin guest investigators and medium.
Tools Used:
  • E.M.F metre.
  • Infared Thermometre.
  • video camera.
  • Glass divanation board.

Alot of that could be explained as naturals at the location were an event appeares at first to be paranormal but later can be explanined as been caused by a natural event like a crack in a window causing a draft that at first was tought to be paranormal.

As for the location been haunted their was not enough evidance (on our vsit) that it was haunted the idea may have been made more than it was due to other teams trying unsuffuly to rid the location of an entity that was not their. making the owner belive that the location was haunted.

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