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Paranormal Projects 

The following Reports are when sevrail locations are investigated all with a common theme to them welcome to the astral search uk paranomal projects.

Why do project?

Cannock chase has so many paranormal events reported their and the they include hauntings, Cryptozoology and U.F.O  sightings. that we felt we had to do this area and see if we could find some evidance for the many stories about the area also maybe give a reson why we feel their is so many paranormal events in a small area.

Cannock chase history:

Cannock Chase (grid reference SK000165) is a mixed area of countryside in the county of Staffordshire, England. The area has been designated as the Cannock Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Chase gives its name to the Cannock Chase local government district.

Cannock Chase is located between Cannock, Lichfield, Rugeley and Stafford. It comprises a mixture of natural deciduous woodland, coniferous plantations, open heathland and the remains of early industry, such as coal mining. The landscape owes much to the underlying Triassic bunter formations. Cannock Chase was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) on 16 September 1958 and is the smallest area so designated in mainland Britain, covering 68 km2 (26 sq mi). Much of the area is also designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Despite being relatively small in area, the chase provides a remarkable range of landscape and wildlife, including a herd of around 800 fallow deer and a number of rare and endangered birds, not least migrant Nightjars. A feeding station at the Marquis Drive Visitors' Centre, sponsored by the West Midland Bird Club, attracts many species, including Brambling, Yellowhammer and Bullfinch. Efforts are[when?] underway to increase the amount of heathland on the chase, reintroducing shrubs such as heather in some areas where bracken and birch forest have crowded out most other plants. The local flora also includes several species of Vaccinium, including the eponymous Cannock Chase Berry (Vaccinium ×intermedium Ruthe).In January 2009, an outbreak of Sudden Oak Death disease (Phytophthora ramorum) was discovered on the chase, at Brocton Coppice. Various restrictions were put in place in an attempt to prevent its spread.



The Cannock

The Punchbowl

why part of the project?

This part of the chase has many reports of black panthers been seen and a ghostley black monk has been reported, so we added this intresting location to the project to see if we would encournter anything here.

tools used

  • Video camera.
  • Ghost/Franks box
  • Investigation held on 17-07-2010

    Teams involed in Investigation: Astral search uk.
    Investigators present:
    • Clair Meakin (Astral search U.K).
    • Neil Sinnett (Astral search U.K).
    • Cair Bunce (guest investigator).
    Reported activity:
    • Big cat (belived to be a panther).
    • Gaint snake (belived to be an anaconder).
    • U.F.O sightings.
    • Ghostly black monk.

    Castle ring


    Our findings


    Two investigators were witness to a very large feline animal that sat and watched them while at the site when a torch caught the animal's eyes they lit up a blue/green colour. the animal walked away from the investigators in no rush and looked very much like a lion in the way it walked it stopped and looked back before it vanished from veiw into some large ferns at the site.

    The following reports are from sevrail witness who saw a big cat on a trading estate near cannock chase:

    Eyewitnesses have told us of a large, muscular, black cat, roughly three feet long, prowling through the woodlands near Cannock Chase Enterprise Centre.

    Terrified witnesses fled as the beast came within metres of them, seeming to appear from nowhere.

    Warehouse worker Anthony Cooper, 42, told us: “It was around lunchtime. A lot of people are saying they heard something like a growl, but I didn’t.

    “I heard a rustling noise in the bushes.

    “As soon as I turned my head I could see something in the trees - a large black shape moving slowly.

    “It was acting as if it couldn’t even see me. It just strolled past, at a distance of about ten feet, went into some thicker bushes and was gone. I called some more people over, but as I did, they ran over telling me what they had just seen. It was an eerie feeling.”

    Eyewitness Claire Clarke, receptionist, said: “It was around midday. I was walking through the woods with my boyfriend, Carl.

    “We were talking as we walked through the woods. All of a sudden I felt him let go of my hand and he shouted, ‘look!’”

    Just ten feet away from them the black creature prowled past, as if it hadn’t even seen the shocked pair.

    “We didn’t know whether to run, climb a tree or stand still,” a shaken Claire said yesterday.
    “It was growling to itself as it walked along. I’m still shaking now to think of it.”

    “It’s typical that I’d decided to leave my mobile phone on my desk at work, else I would have had a picture of it. It definitely looks like a panther.

    “I’ve read people saying that it’s perhaps a domestic cat. Well to me it looks like about seven or eight domestic cats rolled into

     Neil Sinnett: (A.S.U.K team leader/big cat witness)

    " i feel their the cats are very real after my own encounter at the site, but feel they should be left alone as they are awesome creatures and their is no history of any encourters turning nasty with these animals"

    Investigation details
    Teams involed in Investigation:
    Astral search uk.
    Invistigators present 
    on 19-01-2013 (7pm-10pm).
    • Emma Jackson (Astral search uk).
    • Neil Sinnett (Astral search uk).
    • Lee Jackson (Astral search uk).
    on 17-07-2010 (7pm-Middnight)
    • Neil Sinnett( Astral search uk).
    • Ritchie Bear(Astral search uk).
    • Clair Meakin (Astral search uk ).
    • Stacy Bunce (guest investigator).

    Reported activity

    • Female ghost dressed in white dress seen.
    • Big cat (Black Panther) seen all around the chase.
    • U.F.O's seen in sky above chase.
    our findings

    Ghostbox (19-01-2013).

    During this session a female voice was heard and she stated she was the same entity that had spoke via the rods she claimed she had be killed at the site by person/s unknown to her. She also told us that she would confirm that she was their by showing her self to us.

    Dowsing rods (19-01-2013).

    During this experiment a female entity made contact with the team and ansawed our questions with yes and no through this way we found her to be the entity known as the Lady of the chase. we also found that this female worked at the site when the Romans took over the fort. As Entertament for the soliders.

    Video footage (17-07-2010).

    All the video taken and the lights seen on them can now be put down to insects been caught in the infared glare of the camera.

    E.v.P's (17-07-2010).

    some where caught by the team and will be put on this site after we have researched them to find out their connection to the site.

    tools used
  • Franks/ghost box.
  • E.M.F metre.
  • Video camera.
  • Glass divanation board.
  • Voice recorder.
  • Camera.
  • Ivestigation report


    Arrived at location with Emma & Lee did walk around ramparts, took some photographs as we walked walked into centre of site were  team held experiment with Dowsing rods a female entity made contact and confirmed that she was known as the lady of the chase. She then confirmed she work at the location when the Romans came she had been a prostitute for the soldiers she had been in her twenty’s when she had been killed by an unknown person/s. The rods felt at times to not move even when the investigator tried to move them they felt as if someone or something was hold them in place so one of them could not move, this happened to both Neil and Emma.

    After dowsing was done a ghost box session was held with a female voice making contact who said she was the female that had made contact on the rods Investigator Neil asked her to make some form of contact to confirm to the team she was there. A photo was taken when this was asked and when looked at an unexplained light was seen on the edge of the photograph (see photo above). The female also said she was stood behind us team saw nothing when looked. When we looked on ramparts in the distance were we had just walked along we saw a white/grey outline moving along the path we asked if this image was the female and the ghost box replayed  yes. A photo was taken but no outline was seen on the photograph.

    Team continued to walk across the site to where we believe the main gates once stood. To see if we could feel any activity at this very important part of the site. We made no contact on this occasion so we began walk back team all felt as if the site was busy even though we were the only people at the site all the time we were their 


    Arrived at location and did walk around beging at wood where some of our investigators report feeling the wood had a strange atmosphere, and it felt as if you been watched. After walking the landscape walls team Protect was down by Clair and team sat down to do glass divanation. video camera set up and voice recorder. Also ghost box set running and been taped.

    No contact was made via the glass but after play back 3 names were heard that where not herd at the time of the recording. Another walk around was down this time in two smaller groups of two Clair and Ritche, Stacey and Neil. Clair and ritche walked the lower ring of the site while Neil and Stacey walked the top ring after walk compleat investigation called to an end at 1.45am

    team veiws

    coming soon

    Our findings (part 2)

     The lady of the chase

    The following report was found by our reserch team of an encounter with the lady of the chase entity.

    "In 2006 another report of a female ghost sighting now being dubbed as "The lady of the Chase" occurred, an eye witness reported driving home one night through the woods where she had to break hard as a person was stood in the road, Once the driver had got her bearings she turned her attention to the person standing in the road, she reported that that a tall female figure, pale grey in colour who appeared to be naked but with no visual signs of breasts or genitalia stood and stared at her. The driver was even more transfixed be the figures large hypnotic eyes that seemed to be examining the driver. After a couple of minutes of this terrifying ordeal, the figure turned and walk back "

    The above report came from


    E.v.p (17-07-2010).

    Intresting result from from ghost box with some names been given also one entity told us to leave this is how the converstion went:

    Investigator (Clair): are you from this area?

    E.V.P: "of course"

    Investigator(Clair):"do you want us to leave?"


    Investigator(Stacey): can you confirm you want us to leave?

    E.v.P: "Rapide"

    Investigator(clair):"Why do you want us to leave?"

    E.v.P: "got beat up"

    E.v.P: "GO!"

    location conclusion

    Castle Ring (19-01-2013)

    good site but need to return as weather stopped most xperiments as the location was covered with snow.

    The punchbowl

    An intresting investigation the first time astral search has been involed in a cryptozoology type investigation the experiance was good and the team look forward to doing more of this type of work. As for is their an A.B.E at the site we beilve yes after wittnesing first hand seeing a large feline type entity at the site and hearing a large animal walking through undergrowth near us.

    Project conclusion

    coming soon
    Summer 2012.


    The Great Western raiway


    The G.W.R in the west midlands.


    The Wombourne Branch Line was a railway situated in Central England. The line branched from the Oxford-Worcester-Wolverhampton Line at Kingswinford Junction to the north of Brettell Lane railway station and joined track at the triangular Oxley Junction on the approach to Wolverhampton Low Level.

    Unusually, the line was initially constructed for goods trains only. It was not until 1925 that passenger trains started using the line. A number of halts and stations were built at locations on the line including Wombourne and Tettenhall. Passenger services were short lived and were discontinued in 1932 after just seven years.

    The line between Kingswinford and Tettenhall remained open to goods trains until 24 June 1965,though the branch which served Baggeridge Colliery remained open until that facility closed on 2 March 1968.

    Wombourne station

    Why part of this project?

    Now a cafe on the railway walk wombourne station is the only compleat buliding on the brantchline it has many local reports of a dark black shadow been seen walking up and and down the platform area (said to be a former ticket collecter)  and also reports of a the sounds of a train running the who length of the former line. The location has never been the site for a indeep investigation so astral search came to  see if any turth were in the local stories about the site.

    Reported activity: 

    • Dark shadow seen on platform area.
    • Unexplained sounds heard on railway.
    • Phantom train seen on former track.
    Investigation held on:
    • Time: 9pm-12.30am
    • Weather: Cold.
    Investigators present:
    • Neil Sinnett (Astral search u.k).
    • Steph Weaver (Astral search u.k).
    • Jake Bayliss (Astral Search u.k).
    • Caroline Cox (Astral Search u.k).
    Tools used:
    • E.M.F metre.
    • Contact board.
    • Digital Camera's.
    • Dowsing rods.
    • Voice recorder.
    • Ghost/Franks box.
    Investigation report:

    Team arrived at location did circle of protection then began investigation with caroline and steph holding a vigil on some benches and neil and Jake split form girls and used dowsing rods near the platform area were Jake straight away felt an energy around the rods. This energy was questioned and it let us know that it was female she gave her age as 19yrs and she would talk to us later on the contactboard.

    our findings

    Unknown female

    This entity made contact with us on a board and when we were using dowsing rod,this female had given an age and date of death but no name so team cannot confirm if this entity was ever their or not.However she claimed to be a wiccan and their is a local story about a which who live in a area known as pickles hill near were the station is.

    However in 2009 we held the first ever investigation at this location during this a female who gave her name (to a medium) as jane claimed she was 19yrs when she died by hanging herself. however some of the details were diffrent about this entity as the year she gave of her death was 1930 and the entity encounted the second time said she passed in 1970.


    Sevrail photo graphs were taken with some unknown abnormalities on them that may or may not be mists on even looks like a figure struggling with somthing heavy.

    Non paranormal veiw:

    The  mists could be breath on the air as the night was cold or a result of camera matrixing. it's also normal for the human brain to make sense of a random image were their is non a famous example of this looking into the clouds on a good day and seing shapes in the clouds.

    team veiws on investigations:

     Neil sinnett

    good investigation with some unexplained events happing including footsteps heard by me and steph when no one was near us also a rumble was heard by myself and the rest of the teamwhen we were near the platform (now the railway cafe).

     Caroline cox  

    It was a good night we had a lot happen I herd footsteps on the platform and when i was on the contact board the girl I had a feeling of being hanged. their was someone in the woods that kept looking at us and working back and forth. The rumbleing by the station you could feell throught my feet like a train going past I also so had a tug on the back of my legs. i took photos and got some good results of this night. in all a good investigation. 


    Intresting location with at least 1 active entity at it with sevrail others that maybe imprints or warps as not enough contact was made with them to make a conclusion as to what they were


    Himley station

    (Himley, West Midlands)


    Why part of this project?

    Himley was a station on the Wombourne Branch Line. Unlike other stops along the route, it was deemed worthy of full station status. It was opened by the Great Western Railway in 1925 and closed in 1932. It served the community around Himley Hall. A picnic area now stands on the site of the station.

    Project ran in  2010. 







    The William Perry





    William Perry/tipton slasher





    Who was William Perry?
    • Born: March 21st 1819, Tipton Staffordshire, England.
    • Died: January 18 1881(of a condition now known as T.B), Wolverhampton, England.
    • Height: 6ft 1/2 inches.
    • Weight:185lbs-189lbs.


    Before his rise as boxing champion of england William perry worked and lived on the cannals of staffordshire he gained a reputaion as a fighter here when he used to fight other boatmen to be first through the many locks in the area. recourds state Perry had average physical skill as a boxer but was tricky & cool under pressure he also used good judgment during his career.

    Perry carrar lasted from 1835 when his first recorded fight was at Mortlandlake england with a man named Barney dogherty to 1857 were he was beaten by a young fighter named Tom Sayer for the boxing title of england. Perry is credited as been the first to fight in the uk like mordern boxers moving to avoid hits uptill then boxers would stand and go blow for blow with each other.

    One of his most famaous matches were with a gaint man from the usa called Chas Freeman who was unbeaten after 87 rounds and the one of the only men who stood blow for blow with the tipton slasher.the match was described at the time as not been very good with alot of locking up and not much boxing the match sounds like and is belevied to have been the template in 80's movie rocky 3 were rocky v's Thunderlips(played by Hulk Hogan).

    Neatherton cannal tunnel(west midlands)

    Why part of this project?

    During william perrys time as a boxer their was a man named Theophillus Dunn he was an early medium and used these gifts to find lost items and read peoples future charging what in mordern days would be a large sum Dunn lived nearby the location at derby end and did alot of his work at bumblehole. He became so well known and gained a good repution that local celebraties would come to him for their fountunes read. 

    It was cause of his repution william perry was talked into seeing the local medium and when he asked about his boxing he was told that after a fast rise to a champion he would lose it all to a small man with the letters T.S in his name. This he did not like to hear and scoffed at the medium before he left.  After being a very popular championin england and getting the belt in a very short time he retied undefeated. Many years later he was  talked into a fight for the belt agaist a much smaller younger man the slasher now alot older and slower than he used to be never backed out of a fight and put his entire fortune on the fight and his publichouse and after a fight that they say lasted 2 days he was beaten and lost it all the man who beat him was named Tom Sayer

    how the Dudley devil told of the downfall of the tipton slasher:

    Investigation held on:17-12-2010 


     Reported activity: 

    • Ghostly lights seen in tunnal.
    • female apperation dressed in victorian grey dress.
    • Unexplained voices heard.
    • Apperation of the dudley devil seen near locks area.


     Investigators present:

    • Neil Sinnett (astral search U.K).
    • Clair Meakin (astral search uk).
    • Marion Smith (White knights paranormal).
    • Karen Peace (White knights paranormal).
    Tools used:
    • E.M.F metre.
    • Digital Camera's.
    • Infared Thermometre.
    • E.v.P recorder.
    • Glass divanation board.
    Investigation report:
    Netherton Canal Tunnel
    Arriving at the location team split into two so as we could cover both sides of the tunnal. each team with a senstive on their group. One group led by ritchie bear and the other by Neil Sinnett. Medium on Ritchies team reported feeling a male entity draw close, but he made no contact.  As we moved further down the tunnal all members reported hearing what sounded like footsteps behind them.  More photographs taken and E.M.F reading taken at far end of tunnel.
    Walking back through tunnel two members reported seeing what look like a female entity dress in a dirty white dress on the oppsite towpath. after coming out of tunel and a short break  team held glass divanation at the former pump house at the site a loud banged was heard by all team during call out and after a search no source could be found for this sound. Glass board closed down and investigation ended after no further contact was made.
    Our findings:
    Apperation of Children
    This was seen by a member of team the child was pulling what looked like a sled behind him. research has found that during the building of locations such as tunnals and canals children where put to work clearing the rubbish from the sites.
    Grey lady
    What seemed like the form of a female was seen by two members of team dressed in white looked like an old style dress. This may have been a trick of the light, and autosuggestion as at least one of two witness knew of the grey lady reports. 
    Ghostly Footsteps
    Many of the team heard what sounded like footseps following team as we walked through tunnal. This could have been due to echo's in the tunnal and making it sound as if footsteps where behind us.
    Dudley devil
    On e.v.p the team was asked if we come to see the devil. through reserch and local folklore its a fact the area was home to Theophillus dunn a local who would now be known as a medium he was very famous in his time and fortold the end of the tipton slasher fighting careea years before it happend and how it would happen after the fighter would become uk champion and lose to an unknown withthe letters T.S at the start of his 1st and 2nd name the slasher lost to an unknown called Tom Sayer.
    The devil claimed all he knew would happen even saying when he would die when the day came years later he hanged himself at Derby end in netherton so was right again one finale time.
    Team members veiws on location:
    Guest investigator: "Hey not to sure how to put this 1 all thought the loacation held some stories and true accounts to the loaction as a paranormal investigator it faild to deliver any truth behind any claims of paranormal activy at the loaction on saying that i found the loaction interesting as it was a first for myself doing this kind of investigation allthought it was cold and of course wet at times the team that was their made it all worth while ,do i find this location haunted no ,do i think it warrents further investigation yes."
    Neil Sinnett: " all we encounted on thi investigation I feel can be explained as natural  I think the stories about the location are just folklore and feel the site is not haunted"
    St John's churchyard (west Midlands)

    Why part of this project?

    St johns churchyard is the finale resting place of William perry (a.k.a the Tipton Slasher) on his grave some (unkown) person still leaves a rose for the great english champion who came from Dudley in the west midlands. 

    Reported activity:

    • Sounds of children playing.
    • Black shadows seen around the location.
    Investigations held on:

    Investigations held on:

    • 24-09-2010.
    • 17-07-2010. 


    • 24-09-2010- 9pm-2am.
    • 17-07-2010-9pm-12.30am.
    Tools used:
    • E.M.F metre.
    • Lazer thermometre. 
    • Camera (digital).
    • Glass divanation board.
    • E.V.P recorder.
    Investigation report's

    Investigation report (24-09-2010)

    Arrived at location did circle of protection and set up voice recorders did walk around location and call outs. heard some sounds that sounded like some one moving around in the shadows. took photographs around location including near the graves of William Perry and Mary Ann Mason. Team then split into groups of two ritchie and Neil held vigil near tipton slasher grave with call out.

    After short break held glass divanation, nothing gained as no contact was made again walk around done with photographs being taken and E.M.F metre also taken. Short peek recorded around back of graveyard.

    Investigation report (17-09-2010)

    Arrived at location did circle of protection, walked around site taking photographs did call out. Both team members felt uneasy and like they were been watched. joined by some local teens and they told team of their encounters at the site.

    Walking down the back of site one of investigators sat on a bench with one of the teens and did call out both saw a black shadow roughly human shaped and what sounded like footsteps.returning to front of church more photographs where taken more calling out done one investigator reported hearing the name mary also all team heard what sounded like a nearby fence rattle as if some one had shook it.

    Our findings:


    our research team found that a Mary Ann Mason was buried at the location she was murded (shot) aged 17 by a man name Joseph Medows in a pub in nearby Dudley the grave is belived to be the only on in the uk where the murder is named on the headstone of avictim.


    Many of the orbs may be damp in the air also the orb that looks like a feather in one the photographs may just be flash back from the slabs  or a trick of the light on the slabs. Intresting photograph taken of Mary's gravestone as what seems to be a orb is present above it another photograph taken afew seconds later does not have this orb on it the photographs where taken at the same angle as each other. The picture was taken after some of the team said they felt a female entity near the area.

    A poem for the tipton slasher

    Astral search uk would like to show our respect for William Perry and his family in the form of the following poem written about the great midland man:


    1Bill Perry lived the life God gave,
    He's gone to his long rest.
    We'll write these words upon his grave
    'He fought and beat the best.'
    2A King he was within the ring,
    A songster in Spon Lane;
    No more again we'll hear him sing
    'My pretty, pretty Jane.'
     3Ben Caunde 'as gone (of doubtful worth)
    And dodging Bendigo.
    And Freeman Bold, of giant girth,
    And fouling Paddock, too.
    4Tom Sayers, bravest of the brave,
    Has long ago passed on;
    Their bodies lie within the grave,
    Their fighting souls box on.
      5That Death! Grim Victor of us all,
    He found the Slasher tough!
    For never did the Slasher call
    ' 'Old on, I've had enough.'
     6'Enough, enough!' he never cried,
    But battled toe to toe.
    Unflinchingly his fists he plied,
    And countered blow with blow.
      7And, if you have a tear to shed,
    Friend, let it be a splasher!
    And let it fall for him now dead,
    The gallant Tipton Slasher.


    team veiws on project:

    Neil Sinnett:

    Learned a lot about a person I only heard a little  from before hand. From my research I think Mr perry must have been a proud man as well as a strong man both in body and mind with a will to be the best he could at what he was given. A lesson maybe we all could learn even today.

    Project conclusion

    A good set of investigations with many of the team learning something new about a man whom many in the area know little about our team leader included are the sites haunted well much of what we were witness to could be explained as naturals.


    Gibbet Lane

    (Kinver, West Midlands)

    With team White Knights

    Investigation held on 24-07-2010



    Reported activity:

    Phantom highwaymen seen.

    Ghost of William Howie (last person to be gibbeted in the midlands) seen.

    Ghost of Benjamin robbins seen in area. 

    unexplained sounds heard.

    Phanton children seen and heard seen. 

    In attendance:

    Were Neil Sinnett, Richard Bear, guest  team.

    Tools used:

    E.v.P recorder.

    E.M.F metre.

    video camera.

    still camera.

    Investigation report:

    Walked length of lane in two groups group one (lead by richie) held investigation in the wood area of the lane. Group two (lead by Neil) held vigil in lane where guest medium  picked up on a shooting and the victim did not die right a away but lived for some time after the event.

    Photographs taken and calling out done again guest medium picked upon a male entity over 6ft tall in a long coat and the name Rik who did not seem to like us been at the location, after some more calling out done with some degree of respons we rejoined rest of team in lane. After a short calling out and a investigator reporting hearing a growl in her ear, some of team returned to lane area while Neil, Richie, and Phil went back to the area where the male entity who called him self Rik was reported all felt uneasy while in the area.

    Rejoing medium and rest of team some investigators as well as medium reported seeing a female entity that began to walk towards team before being turned away by another male entity, E.v.Ps taken around the location during the investigation.

    Our findings:

     Grey lady

    Without a name this entity cannot be traced by our research.


    Without a surname no trace can be found of this person. However the descrition of the entity may suggest he was a highwayman and this area was very well known for the large amounts of highway robbers based their.


    We belive the location to have an imprint style haunting and as such this is not a true haunting. However we also belive their is at least one active entity at the location with maybe a female entity who vists.


    Lillenshall abbey
    Investigation held on 26-06-2010  


    Time: 8pm- till late
    Reported activity:

    Ghostly monk seen dressed in black.

    ghostly singing heard around ruins.

    Ghost of little girl seen in pond area.

    In attendance:

    Were Neil Sinnett, Stacey Bunce, Richard Bear and Clair Meakin.
    tools used:

    E.M.F metre.

    digital camera.

    contact board.

    E.v.P recorder.

    Video camera.

    Ghost box.

    Digital thermometre.

    Investigation report:

    Arrived at location circle of protection done lead by Clair walk about the location then done with photographs and E.M.F readings taken. After walk done equiment set up with voice recorders place around site, ghost box then swichted on with sevrail names given and sounds heard around the site.

    Spirit board used with some weak contact made with a male entity team then split into two groups of two with stacy and ritchie walking around outside of location and Neil and Clair inside doing spirit board and using ghost box at the same time contact was made with a male entity who told us via the ghost box his name was Pete he also told us to leave the location. Team regrouped and ghost box again used along with e.v.p recorder after been told to leave again by entity known as pete large blast of wind felt by all group. 

    our findings:

    Elizabeth 1862

    This name was given via a ghost box our research has found that a pair of silver cups were donated to the location by a Mrs Elizabeth Brett in 1862.


    This name was given to us via the ghost box as of this time we have be unable to find any record of this person.

    Other Information.

    Ghost Box/Franks Box

    Tool picked up alot of names these are still being researced by our team at the present time 

    Video footage.

    Orbs on flim appear to be bugs or dust in the air.



    Intresting location that has a long history, is we belived to be haunted by active spirit and imprints. 


    Sandwell Priory
    (Sandwell, west Midlands)


    Time: 9pm- till late
    In attendance:
    Were Clair Meakin, Ritchard bear, Stacey Bunce and Neil Sinnett.
    Tools used: 
    E.M.F metre.

    Infared thermometre.

    E.v.P recorder.

    video camera.

    digital camera.

    Dowsing rods.

    Investigation report:

    Arrived at location set up camera and movement alarms also tape recorder at diffrent parts of the location. E.M.F readings taken walk around ruins done with the name francise being picked up on also a young girl named Eliazabeth made contact with us  and calling out done clicking sounds heard and feeling of been watched reported by all team investigators.

    Glass divanation done no contact made team split into two richard & Neil called out in are and heard what sounded like someone walking on the grave. Stacey and Clair also reported seeing  black shadows moving around the ruins and hearing sounds.  Glass divanation again tryed this time some short contact was made with a male entity.lights seen byteam members only to be confirmed as car lights from the nearby M5 motorwayInvestigation ended at 2am.

    Our findings:

    Francise 1862

    This name and year was picked up on by medium as being a monk who broke his vow's and was killed for this. After been set up by the other monks at the location as a test of his faith.

    The name has as yet not been found by our research team, but they have found it was true females where bought in at times by priors to test the faith of those under them and if they failed the result was often death or being thrown out of the order.

    Eliazabeth 1962

    This entity and her details are still being researced by our team at this time.

    Good location with a strange atmosphere at it we belive the location to be haunted by both active entities and imprints of past events. However some of the evidance we caught could be explained as naturals.


    Peascroft Wood
    (Bilston, Wolverhampton)
    with team White Knights
    & Paranormal the otherside
    Investigation held on 12-06-2010
    In attendance:
    Were Clair Meakin, Neil sinnett, Richard bear and team White Knights
    tools used:

    E.M.F metre.

    Video camera.

    Infared thermometre.

    tape recorder.

    voice recorder.

    digat camera.

    Investigation report

    Arriving at location we began with walk aroundthe location with unforseen eyes medium Mick green picking up on sevrail names and events that happended at the location. During the walk around some members of both teams reported items threw at them or be toched as they walked around.

    Team then split into three groups and took diffrent parts of the site E.V.P taking at diffrent parts of the site  along with E.M.F readings. Investigation cut short due to too much noise from another team at the site.

    our findings:

    Video footage

    Some what maybe orbs caught however this was an outdoor location so the chance that it was mostiure or insects in the air cannot be ruled out.


    An intresting recording voice caught on tape that appears to be saying the name " Doctor Langston" or a name simalier. If this is correct it would tie in with the fact the location was once the site of a hospital. 

    Intresting location needs another vist to come to a full conclusion


    Himley Wood
    Investigation held on 02-05-2010

    Reported activity:

    Phantom ghost rider seen in area.

    Musket shots heard in area.

    Ghost of a female dressed in white seen in wood.

    In attendance:

    Were Neil Sinnett, Richard bear, and Dee & Rose Wyman.

    Tools used:

    E.M.F metre.

    Infared thermometre.

    Investigation report:

    Arriving at location walk around site was done with a guest medium where sevrail names where given to us along with the numeber of a train that had some connection. to the site. Medium reported a nasty feeling in an area where we were stood and three female entities were giving this feeling off.

    Some unexplained sounds in the area where heard by all of team that sounded like some one walking around the ground of us and the twigs snapping under their foot. medium also picked up on a feeling of panic near the swamp area. Investigation ended at about 2am

    Our findings:

    The ghost train

    Medium told of an accident near wombourne of a train derailing and crushing some one. We have found no evidance of this event apart from a local ghost story we supect this maybe little more than a local urban legend.

    Gideion groves

    This is a name connected to a entity at this location we have found this name to be a fake.  This was made up by a local papper known as the Black Country Bugle as part of a story they ran about the haunting (this has been confirmed by the papper).

    Intresting location with some evidance we heard that cannot be explained by us. We also believe this site to be haunted by imprint style hauntings.


    The Rocketpool Inn

    with team White Kight



    Investigation held on 21-05-2010


    Time: 11pm- 4am
    In attendance:

    Were Richard bear, clair meakin, Neil Sinnett and White knights

    Our tools:

    E.M.F metre.

    Infared thermometre.


    Video camera.

    E.v.P recorder.

    Trigger objects.

    Investigation report:

    Arrived at location set up cameras and trigger objects in up stairs living area and C.C.T.V in cellar. Then team split into two with astral search holding vigil in the cellar and Unforseen eye in upstairs room. Investigator reported feel of anger been put on him and dierected at another team investigator, all team felt unesy in cellar. E.v.P recorder set up in kitchen area. 

    Team in living room area reported seeing orbs in cellar when astral search where in their. but other wise the atmostspher felt flat. Groups changed with unforseen eye in cellar and astral in living area. What may have been orbs and a black shadow was seen on C.C.T.V while unforseen eye was in cellar. Trigger objects checked nothing to report. Bangs heard when calling out done also a strange shape that looked like a person was seen on pub C.C.T.V out side when checked no one was out their.

    our findings:

    Louise 1893

    This name and year was given to medium along with what she looked like without a surname we have be unable to trace this entity as of this time.

    Male entity

    Without a surname again we cannot trace this entity.

    Other information


    E.v.P's where taken we are still waiting the results of these as their is some early signs of a contact on them.

    Death at the pool

    We did find a report of a death of a young girl in the nearby pool this however was much later in history then when the entity said she was from.

    Intresting location most of what we encounted could be explained as a natural and as such we belive this location not to be haunted.
    tools used:

    E.M.F metre.

    video camera.

    Sonic ear.

    Trigger object.

    Investigation report:

    After arriving at site walked around location then split into pairs. Trigger object set up and nothing happened. while walking at the back of the churchyard, investigator reported seeing what looked like a person walking along back wall when  checked no one was their.

    After checking with other investigators via 2-way radio no one was in the area at the time of the sighting. Investigation ended at about 2a.m.

    our findings:


    Their was a small spike but this was a regular reading so it would seam that the reading was an underground power cable however this has not been confirmed by us.

    Video footage

    None of what we caught on video can not be explained as a natural 

    All the evidance we caught can be explained so we believe this location not to be haunted. The stories connected to this site are just local folklore in our veiw.


    St James Priory

    (Dudley, West Midlands)

    In attendance:
    Were Neil Sinnett, Richie Bear & Pennsnett Paranormal
    Invest held on 06-03-2010


    Tools used:

    E.M.F metre

    Infared thermometre.

    Movement alarms.

    video camera (night vision).

    E.v.P recorder.

    2-way radio.
    Investigation report:
    coming soon
    our findings:


    This name was given to us via a guest medium as been a young boy at the location we foud that the youngest priror at the site was named Osbert.


    A photograph was taken of what we believe to be an entity. the astral being appears to be a monk of some kind.

    This image has remained unexplained by us.

    Intresting site with a long history, the evidance we gained and by what we go by says that this location has alot of imprint events replay here and as such we believe these are not true hauntings as their is no active entity who is aware of its surroundings.


    Dudley Castle
    (West Midlands)
    Investigation held on 23-01-2010

    time 9pm- till 2am
    Reported activity:
    Over 100 ghosts from diffrent times in history.
    In attendance:
    Were neil and sarah Sinnett, Richard bear, Antony Leddington and guests
    Tools used:

    E.M.F metre.

    Video camera.

    Digital camera.

    Infared termometre.

    E.v.P recorder.

    Investigation report:

    Arriving at location trigger object set up in Kitchen area and the circle of protection was done in undercroft area, almost right away an investigator reported been toched C.d was played to see if it affected atmosphere sensitve reported a male entity who did not like the music. Medium gave name of Colonel Beaumont and the year 1646 while claiming to be in trance.

    Team split into two groups one group went to the former cartakers cottage while outside cottage guest medium felt a murder had happended with the person who commited the murder killing himself after the act was done. The other team went to the living area called the Sharrington Range.

    Our findings:

    John Dudley
    (This name was given to  guest medium)

    John Dudley was the 23rd baron of dudley and one of the most powerful men in the country. He he became baron in 1537 and held several imporant titles including advisor to the king (Henry the 8th).

    He was the man who ordered the building of the living area that still stands today know as the sharrington range. John dudley was executed for treson at tower hill london on 22nd of august 1553.

    Dorothy Beaumont        
    (Name given to us by medium )

    Married to the head of the castle garrison. Mrs Beaumont was an imporant lady at the castle and is belived to have been liked by all the staff, during the first siege of dudley castle in 1643 she gave birth to a still born child.

    Soon afterwards she died (some say of a broken heart at the loss of baby daughter francessca) on her death bed she gave two wishes one she should be  buried with her daughter and two for husband to be at the funeral

    These wishes were never met as as the army laying siege to the castle would not allow John Beaumont to leave the castle. As they where worried he may escape and bring help back to the castle in the shape of more soilders.

    Also Dorothy was buried in an unmarked grave at the church at the top of Dudley town as st edmounds (were her daughter was buried)  had been knocked down so as the castle could see where all the enemy troops where.

    This is why its belived that mrs Beaumont still haunts the site in a grey dress

    The Pikeman             
    (this entity was seen by medium Anthony Leddington)

    This entity was encounted in an area where an entity with the same description has been seen by many staff and visitors to the location.

    Other Information

    Grey lady 

    This entity is said to have made contact with  guest medium. 

    However this entity is almost as famous as the castle itself with alot of written reports about her as well as her history.

    As investigators we need to take this into account, when team members or medium's state they have seen a entity dressed in grey. As auto suggestion may come into their awarness with them knowing it or not


    This was used by medium at this investigation. This was the only the second time this type of contact has been wittnessed by our team. as investigators we have to ask is this real  or has been said (NOT! by astral search uk) a product of autosurgession and acting.
    We cannot say as we have not seen enough of this form of contact to make an informed comment


    An awesome location with a history to match.

    we belive this site to be very active with both imprint and active hauntings at the site.  Also some events that happen to us have still staded unexplained to us.

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