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Due some probs with people setting up fake astral sites on facebook the following two sites are our offical sites:


OUR CHAT FORUM (speak to one of our investigators about a problem or anything paranormal).

A.S.UK return for 2015.

After a short time away astral search UK are back, thanks for the continue support from our viewers and we look forward to 2015 with some awesome new interviews to publish and some great locations this year to investigate.

Haunted item removers

Some times during the course of an investigation we find that an item or items are conected to a person for some reson and these maybe the reson a haunting is taking place We now offer the opion to remove these   items from your location (if you wish us too).

U.f.O in west midlands update

On the 6th march 2012 an unknown object was seen over the Bierley hill area of the west midlands after some research as of yet Astral search has Not be able to confirm if this was a U.F.O most reports saying that two fighter craft were flying in the same area cannot be confirmed and local police refuse to comment on the matter.

 The search for what happened carrys on.

A.S.U.K involed in U.F.O over West Midlands investigation

If you where witness to the U.F.O over Bierley hill on Tuesday 6th march 2012  we would like to here your account contact Neil Sinnett e-mail [email protected] the below explanation is of a simaliar report in the same area in 2008.

Typhoon Eurofighter explanation

At 16.10 hours on Monday 14 January 2008 a sonic boom thought to have been created by an RAF Eurofighter Typhoon was heard in Shropshire. Callers to local radio stations described seeing two large aircraft in the area and reports that a Eurofighter had suffered an undetermined malfunction resulting in a 30,000 ft plunge causing a sonic boom which shook the county. Nearby RAF Shawbury and the Ministry of Defence denied any involvement.

Local press compared descriptions of the unidentified object and that of the Eurofighter and suggested the sightings were linked due to the similarities.

According to the top-secret report UAP in the UK Air Defence Region, aka Project Condign, Black Triangle (UFO) sightings are likely to be caused by a supernormal atmospheric plasma phenomenon akin to Ball Lightning. Bouyant Plasma formations are hypothesized to create electromagnetic or other energy fields which refract light, creating the appearance of a black triangle or polygon between 3 or more points of light.

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The Mount Pleasent public house (Wombourne ,Staffordshire) held on 19-12-2012.

Devil's bridge (Neatherton, West Midlands) held on 07-07-2012.

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