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Laura Martin (clairvoyant medium)

Laura Martin is founder of west midlands paranormal investigations and a is well know medium

appearing at events all around the uk as well doing her own private readings. We thank you for taking time out your busy day to talk to our readers here at astral search uk.

How long have you worked as a medium in public?

I have worked as a medium since 26. I began my development and was thrust into the public eye straight away due to my accuracy. I left my mentor and went alone. This was the best thing I could have done as each person spiritual path is their own to walk, not for others.

Many mediums have spirit guides can you tell our readers who they are and how they work with yourself and other's

I have 2 that I work with. Frank and John. They work with me during readings, investigations and doing my spiritual journey. They warn me of any negativity coming my way. They help to cross spirit over and to protect me during investigations. I also have 4 Ascended Masters that I have connected with. These help me with my journey of enlightenment.

what’s the best location you've ever been to and why?

Morton Corbett Castle ruins. This is not available to the public anymore unfortunately. It was here where I felt the most connection to a location. The ruins are beautiful, such an eerie place of an evening with a lot of history.

In your view do you think all the paranormal shows on t.v are a good or bad thing for those who work in the field?

Depending on the shows, I have not seen them all. The ones I have seen I feel they do give us serious paranormal investigators and researchers a bad name. Its not about sensationalism, to scare people or to fake paranormal activity. We ALL know in the paranormal field that we might not get any activity on some locations, and that’s ok. Programme's can often fake things to make the viewers hooked so then when they go on an event with a team, they get disappointed in they’ve not had any action. This was why my team only conduct team investigations, so we can spend the time seriously investigating. We’re happy to have the public come with us on our evenings to see how it works.

What’s you view on contact/Ouija boards and their use harmless toy or dangerous gate to demons?

I can only comment on my personal experiences and that is that I’ve had no problems with demons, negative entities or poltergeists. I’m currently researching the experiences of people doing the Ouija and trying to piece these experiences together. Looking into the true story behind the film The Exorcist, where the use of the Ouija seemed to start the demonic possession. I wanted answers.

Is their anything you wish to share with our readers?

Be open to all possibilities out there, there are so many unanswered questions that aren’t going to be revealed with a closed mind.


Astral search wish all the best  to Miss Martin in the future and thank you for taking the time out to speak to us hear. laura can be reached via her home website 

Colin Fry (medium/t.v presenter)


Astral search uk welcomes one of the best loved and well known mediums not only in the uk but the world he has worked on live stage shows all around the with some of the best mediums in the world including his good friend Derek Acroah. He is also star of living t.v's 6th sense and psychich private eye.

We welcome Mr Colin Fry to Astral search uk thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to talk to us here. 

How long have you been a medium?

I have been working medium and healer for 33 years.

Many mediums speak of their spirit guides can you explain to our readers who they are and how they help mediums?

I feel guides are only relevant to a mediums public work if the medium is working in trance ! Otherwise the relationship between a medium and his or her guides is a personal one , I have one principle guide called Magnus .

Are you always in contact with spirit or are you able to turn this gift only when needed?

A medium is on some level always connected to spirit , but the disapline of being a working medium is to know when not to work , a medium should not impose their gift on people when it is not invited ! This is something that should be learnt in a good development circle .

Whats been your favorite haunted location you've been to and why?

I have no interest in haunted locations , it's not my field of work . I know it is of great interest to many but I am always concerned that to many approach these investigations like a child poking a wasp nest with a stick !

can you tell my readers about any future plans or projects you are going to involed with?

In 2012 I am hoping to start training to become a spiritualist minister , and would like to specialise in prison visits . I am also launching my own aromatherapy range " senses by Colin fry ". And plans are underway for a limited date tour with my friend Derek Acorah as well as my own 2012 uk tour and my autobiography is hopefully being published in May 2012 .

Parnormal shows on t.v seemed to be on alot now do you think this has help rasied the work that you do or has it made no diffrence?

paranormal tv programming has inevitably raised the public profile of this genre , however quantity is I regret not always matched by quality ! , I have in recent years turned down a lot of tv work as I felt that it was not of good enough quality and the public deserve more than some of the dross that is currently churned out .


Mr Fry thank you for allowing our readers a small veiw of the awesome work you do and your veiws on the paranormal scene again we thank you for your time.You can follow Colin Fry and the work he do's at

Alison Wynne-Ryder (medium/t.v presenter)


Born with the gift of mediumship Alison has been working as a medium for about 6 years now as co host along with Jackie Kosnick of C.B.S 's paranormal show Resue mediums she has become a house hold name around the world. Welcome to Astral search uk Mrs Ryder and thank you for taking time out of your busy work to talk to our readers.

How long have you been a medium?

I have been mediumistic from as far back as I can remember although I didn't realise at first that not everyone could see or hear what I could. However, officially, I have been working as a Medium for around six years now

Can you tell our readers about your show RESCUE MEDIUMS and whats it about?

To take you through a day with the Rescue Mediums, we commence our psychic work for the show, a day before filming when Jackie and I write out our premonitions, and do our psychic drawing separately, (usually in our respective suites in Toronto, Canada). The information we receive in order to create this psychic work, is given to us by our spirit guides (guardian angels). The type of information we receive from our spirit guides, is in relation to the home we are to visit the following day, therefore having ‘premonitions’ about what we will find when we get to the property. The list means nothing to us at the time, as we don’t know anything about the homeowners, location, or what is occurring in the house that prompted the owners to ask for the Rescue Mediums help. This retains the authenticity and honesty of the show, which makes it one of a kind, as both Jackie and I have to do our investigation purely on what we see, feel sense etc when walking around the property. Our premonitions are read out to each other on camera, during the morning of the investigation. This is a part of the show that we both love, because we get separate information, but it’s uncanny as to how much we link into each other. (Our guardian angels are liaising with each other, also!).

'To see specific examples of what Jackie and I encounter during the show, please refer to . All rights on this website reserved.

How did the idea for the show come into being?

This is a fabulous story (which I have had to condence) whereby Jackie was doing some of her own family history and found that a member of her family lived in Canada. She contacted the owner of the house that her relative used to live in, and that turned out to be our Producer Michael Lamport. Even more amazing was that when Jackie told him what she did for a living, he and his partner our Director Gregory Shepherd had been looking for ideas for a new psychic show and after several meetings to determine the content of the show, they invited Jackie and her previous co-host to do a pilot of Rescue Mediums. The rest is history....

Did you know your co-host before you started the show as you both seem to work together so well on screen?

I knew Jackie as she owns Feathers Academy where I develoved my gift and yes we do get on extremely well.

Some mediums claim to have encounted demons while clearing locations do you believe in demons and have you ever encounted such an entity?

It depends what a persons definition of a demon is. On Rescue Mediums, Jackie and I have dealt with a demonic presence in one property whereby we had to suffer images of human sacrifice. This was an extremely dark presence, but had been a man living on the earth plane albiet he was a nasty piece of work. We have also dealt with a shape shifter which was energy that moved and was very hard to contain. However when we did, we could see eventually that again, this was a human being who, couldn't go to the light as he couldn't deal with his own demons from his life on the earth plane. Once we got him to accept certain things he went through to the light although he would have a lot of lessons to learn on the other side.

Can you tell us of any future projects you are involed with or if your show will ever come to the uk?

Yes, the future projects I have are as Guest Speaker on Celestial Radio today (Fri 29th July) 3pm to 4pm, and on Monday 1st August, and Monday 5th September 3pm to 4pm. Also, Guest Speaker on on Monday 15th August 5pm to 7pm, and Wednesday 24th August 5pm to 7pm. I have just completed another successful Angel Magic course at Feathers Academy and will be holding another in October this year (date to be arranged). Enquries about this are welcome, to my Contacts Page on my website
Rescue Mediums is part of the Canadian Network Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) so hasn't been anything planned yet for the UK, but never say never! The new series of Rescue Mediums will air later on this year in the UK, on CBS Reality. Go to their website for further details of dates/times etc.

Is their anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

I would like to thank your readers for taking time to read through my interview and if you would like further information about Readings, Reiki attunements, Angel Workshops or Angel Healing, please do not hesitate to contact me via my Contacts Page on my website

    A Spiritual Oasis for Open discussion and sharing of all things Spiritual. With a Spiritualits section for Mediums Mediums Healers and all faiths.

    Thank you once again for talking to our readers about your work as a medium & presenter. Mr's Ryder can be contacted via her website at or via our links page here on our home site.

    Ian Lawman (medium/exorcist/t.v presenter)


    Known as the bad boy of the paranormal Ian Law man is a medium, exorcist former dancer and now televison celebrity well known for his spots on t.v shows like Most Haunted, Living with the dead and Famous and Frightened. On April the 1st 2011 he is going to be buried alive in a coffin for seven days. Here to tell us about this amazing event and about his work and what he does is Ian Lawman.

    Ian Lawman thanks for thaking time out of your busy diary to talk to our readers here at Astral search uk.

    How did you become first intrested the paranormal?

    I was about 25 years of age, I lost my job as a dancer from a broken knee cap! I needed a job to pay the bills! I always use to read for dancers when I was away! So I started doing readings and then it all happened from there really! Training with the church to be an Exorcist.

    When did you first realise you had a paranormal gift?

    I was only around 4 years of age when I first recalled seeing, and talking to spirit, at that time not knowing it was Spirit! I just though it was normal people! Then when I was 15 my best mate died, that's when I know I could see and talk to the dead.

    Is your work as an exorist anything like the movies?

    When I tell people I'm a trained Exorcist, people think about the movies! its nothing like that really! I have had two cases that stand out from the others, What would have made great movies.

    How did you become involed in shows like living with the dead and most haunted?

    Most Haunted, Famous and Frightened and Living with The Dead contacted me, they was looking for someone different other than mediums! So that's how I was asked.

    On the 1st of april you will be buried alive for 7 days can you tell us how the idea for this show came about?

    Buried alive is something I have been planing for years! It's Something that's needed to be right and something you need to find the right team to work with, so it's taken time but I'm now ready!

    Do you have any future plans that you can share with our readers?

    Buried alive isn't the only Extreme Challenge you will see me doing! Watch this space.


    Mr Lawman thank you for talking to our readers here at astral search uk Buried Alive can be followed along with all future events of Ian Lawmans at

    (this interveiw was held in 2011)

    Is their anything esle you'd like to share with our readers?

    trust your inner thoughts and believe in yourself! Nothings out of reach.

    Joanne Brown (medium)
    Since the age of 13 years  Joanne has been in contact with the sprirt world along with Ghost Gabbers 2004 she has been to many haunted location in the uk. Mrs Brown thank you for taking the time to speak to astral search uk and our readers about your work.

    How long have you been a medium?

    I have always been aware of spirits since a very young age, my first experience was when i was about 13 i was on a school trip and we were visiting Paris. I was sat on a window ledge at the palace of Versailles and became aware of a presence behind me through the slightly open window.

    The image of a man appeared in the room and he walked across the room and through the wall,as a young child i was very unphased by this experience and just turned back around and carried on with the tour of the place what did shock me though was the man looked straight at me and smiled

    Are you always in contact with spirit or are you able to turn this gift only when needed? 

    I tend to stay tuned in as there are always spirits who need help,and once i did close down and suffered very very bad headaches in my forehead,but as soon as i opened up again the headaches ceased.

    When did you 1st know you had a gift as a medium?

    Ever since i was very very small i have been aware of spirits, maybe that could explain why i wasn't spooked by the apparition in Paris,i would walk into a place and tell my mother all about the place and ask why the people were dressed strangely

    whats the best location you been to and why?

    My best location would have to be Winnats pass Derbyshire, as the area is extremely haunted by the ghosts of two lost lovers Clara and Henry,both of which i encountered and was able to speak with both of them,which was actually caught on EVP and the video is available by visiting my channel scouser2511

    Some teams do house cleanrance do you believe anyone can do this or is it only mediums in your veiw are able to do this?
    I believe that a clearance should be done by a fully qualified medium as somethings can be very very evil,not all the time and that type of thing occurring is quite rare, but i feel like the job should be done by a professional who can move spirits on and do it safely and obviously be able to close down the portal afterwards 
    Can you tell us about Ghost Gabbers uk and the work they do?

    GGUK2004 were created in November 2004, the team consists of myself who does all the medium work for the group and Simon Birnie who makes sure all the equipment is fully charged and in working order,My sister Allison Calvert occasionally joins us on investigations as she is also a medium and has had many experiences with ghosts since childhood also,My mother Anne Conley also joins us she has no gift to speak of but she is very keen on the paranormal,Allison also brings her husband Kevin Calvert along as he is also very sensitive to spirits.

    Is their anything you'd like to share with our readers?

    Yes we have just had word that we have gained access to a very sought after location but by the site managers request we are unable to disclose this location, also our official website is were coming soon we will have many more interviews and also more reports of the investigations that me and my team do..also all our videos are available by searching scouser2511 on youtube,also coming soon myself and another team SPPI of Indiana red key will be coming to blog talk radio


    Joanne brown can be followed on her webbpage  highlited in blue above and GGUK2004 also be followed at their website here on our link page. Again we thank mrs Brown for taking the time to talk to our readers and wish her and her team all the best in their future work
    Philip Solomon (medium/radio presenter/author)


    Philip Solomon is a medium to the stars radio presenter and author of over 15 books born and raised in wolverhampton in the west midlands  Mr Solomon takes time out of his day to talk to us hear at Astral search uk.

    How long have you been a medium?
    All my life really. Both my parents were mediums and I suppose it was a natural progression that I would be. I have been a professional medium for over thirty-five years.
    Many mediums speak of their spirit guides can you explain to our readers who they are  and how they help mediums?
    Many people get confused about Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides are highly developed energies from the other side who choose to work with specific people who are instruments for Spirit in this world. Two guides that work with me are MacDonald, who in this world had been a Scottish clansman, and Marion, who had been a wise woman and healer. The people who help you most are what I would call 'helpers' rather than spirit guides. These are our loved ones and others who help individuals with specific things at just the right time in their life.
    Are you always in contact with spirit or are you able to turn this gift only when needed?
    No, once you develop and train to work as an instrument for Spirit, or medium, you must learn to open yourself to the other side and close down at the end of your work. This is vitally important as we live in a physical world and can only attune to the etheric world for a short time, otherwise you would be completely exhausted.
    Whats been your favorite haunted location you've been to and why?
    Probably Gwrych Castle in Wales and the nearby fields, orchards and lanes that lead up to it. I have had many experiences there from when I was a little boy and even quite recently, including battles going on all around me that others could neither see or sense
    Being an author of over 15 books can you tell our readers about your latest?

    My latest book which I am just putting together is called Haunted Staffordshire and will be published by The History Press next year. It will tell of the many stories and hauntings of Staffordshire historically and very much also tell of the modern hauntings and ghosts of Staffordshire today.

    Can you tell us about your radio show?

    My radio show is called Philip Solomon's Music & Memories on Wolverhampton City Radio, WCR 101.8 FM, 7-9pm every Monday. You can also listen live on the internet at Each week I have very famous celebrity guests from the world of rock'n'roll, but also regularly interview people from the psychic and paranormal community and again this includes the major figures of the movement, media people and also those with a local interest.

    Is their anything you'd like to share with our readers?
    A difficult question, but my advice generally to all is to love each other and be non-judgemental. If this question refers to mediumship or psychic development, I would state categorically that you must take proper development and training, spend time to hone your gift with the intention to help mankind and others, strive to be the very best psychic or medium you can, be proud of your achievements and accept compliments if deserved. But always remember every medium is only as good as their inspirers from the other side help them to be, and every medium is only as good as the last message that they give to others!


    Mr Phillip Solomon thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to talk to our readers  and to ansawer our questions we wish you all the best for all your future projects.Anyone wishing to follow Mr Solomons work Can on his website on our links page here on astral search uk.

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