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Famous location
Investigation Reports
The following reports are from some of the more well known and famous locations Astral search uk have held investigations at.

Moreton Corbet Castle

Investigation held on 02-10-2010

Time: 10pm-3am

Investigators in attendance:
  • Neil Sinnett (Astral search uk).
  • Mark Perry (Astral search uk).
  • Ritchie bear (Astral search uk).

Reported activity:

  • Entity of Paul Homeyard seen at location.
  • Screams heard.
  • Sounds of Muskett fire heard.
Tools used:
  • E.M.F.metre.
  • Infared Thermometre.
  • Digital camera.
  • E.v.P recorder.
  • Glass divanation Board.
  • 2-way radio.
Investigation report:

Arrived on site did walk around all team members stated the location had a strange atmosphere. Tools set up with movement alarms set on a staircase and voice recorders left around location and in an underground room. While team sat in underground room some unknown sounds heard out side including what sounded like some one walking in the room above us.

Team split into two groups of two guest and Neil, Richie and Mark who then did walk around while taking photographs and doing call out both groups reported hearing sounds, Ritchie and Mark reported seein what looked like a bright light on wall and the shadow of a person on it then both teams rejoined and held call out some investigators told of been poked in back and feeling uneasy.

Held calling out in former tudor house sevrail team members reported feeling some one in room with them. As packing away team noticed that a movement light had come on. Investigation ended at 3am.

Our findings:

We belive most of what we encounted can be explained as naturals with the events being of an imprint style haunting and as such not a true haunting as their is no active entity on site.

Thornseat lodge (Sheffield)

Investigation held 14-08-2010

Teams holding investigation

  • Haunted Realm.
  • Astral search uk.

Investigators in attendance

  • Neil Sinnett (Astral search uk).
  • Clair Meakin (Astral search uk).
  • Richard Bear (paranormal the otherside).
  • Kirsty Stevens (Haunted Realm).
Tools used:
  • Ghost/Franks box.
  • Trigger objects
  • E.M.F metre.
  • Infared thermometre.
  • Contact board.
  • video camera.
  • voice recorder (digital)
Investigation report:

Arrived at location with haunted realm team after being told of breif history of the location including its former uses. Equiment setup in a front room (were its belived their was a accident with a gas fire exploding) including camera and voice recorders ( while setting up trigger objects in this room rich reported feeling a pain headache this went after leaving room) also, E.M.F readings taken to form a baseline for later readings. walk around then done with haunted realm splitting off to investigate out houses and swimmming pool area photographs taken of these ares by astral search.

Short break taken and ghost box setup and left to run while E.v.P recorder was left to tape any infomation gained from it. Group then split into two with Haunted realm and Clair satying with ghost box and Rich and Neil along with Justin (haunted realm) moving to a nearby room to do some calling out Rich felt a pain in his head while in this room and all investigators felt they were not alone in room. While other investigators in another room haunted realm and clair reported hearing what sounded like some one shaking nearby secrity fence outside and a large item being thrown outside. investigators from other room called back and when checked found outside a very large piece of plaster on the floor that was not their when team outside earlier.

leaving Haunted realm inside room with with ghost box astral investigated an out house at the back of the location. Investigator (Clair) said she felt ill when we walked in the small building that was tiled inside with four stone blocks standing in the middle when we told haunted realm about what happened to they reported the same thing with their medium and they felt the building hand been a slaughter house back when the location was a hunting lodge. 

Investigation ended at 1am.

Our findings:


This name was given to us via the Ghost box. with the help of haunted realm our research has found that a male with this name did work at the location and was the caretaker  charge at the care home. This would put his time at the some time in the 70's when the location was a childrens home.

Our research has also given us the name peter liniker as the caretakers name.

Black shadow

This was reported as been seen by one of the team and also an unexplained black show shaped like a person is seen in a doorway on a photograph taken by one of our team members.


Good results from this location several childrens voices heard on voice recorder saying their names. also two female voices heard one the females gave us a warning of a bad entity at the site, a female spoke the phrase "the gate" this may tie in with a murder that is belived to have happened in the 30's on the road out site the lodge near the main gate.

A murder at the lodge

During a session using the ghost box a voice was heard to say " I did the murder" our research has found that the murder of a family did happen on the road by the gates of this location. When a man for resons unknown ( one story says he lost his temper) killed his wife and children with a shotgun before trying to escaped the law by running away to france.


Great location the site has a very strange atmosphere with its crumbling walls and broken down floors both upstairs and down. Team belives location is haunted by active entites of former staff and children who lived at the location. We also belive their maybe a malicous entity at the location who feels paranormal investigations are a danger to it

Dudley castle (West Midlands)

Investigators in attendance
  • Sarah Sinnett (Astral search uk).
  • Neil Sinnett (Astral search uk).
  • Samantha Bavington (Astral search uk).
  • Andrew Bavington (Astral search uk).
  • Anthony Leddington (guest medium).
Investigation held on 23-01-2010

Time: 9pm- till 2am

tools used
  • E.M.F metre.
  • Video camera.
  • Digital camera.
  • Infared termometre.
  • E.v.P recorder.
Investigation report:

Arriving at location trigger object set up in Kitchen area and the circle of protection was done in undercroft area, almost right away an investigator reported been toched C.d was played to see if it affected atmosphere sensitve reported a male entity who did not like the music. Medium gave name of Colonel Beaumont and the year 1646 while claiming to be in trance.

Team split into two groups one group went to the former cartakers cottage while outside cottage guest medium felt a murder had happended with the person who commited the murd

Our findings
  John Dudley

John Dudley was the 23rd baron of dudley and one of the most powerful men in the country. He he became baron in 1537 and held several imporant titles including advisor to the king (Henry the 8th).

He was the man who ordered the building of the living area that still stands today know as the sharrington range. John dudley was executed for treson at tower hill london on 22nd of august 1553.


Our findings (part 3)

 The Pikeman             
(this entity was seen by medium Anthony Leddington)

This entity was encounted in an area where an entity with the same description has been seen by many staff and visitors to the location.

 The Pike

The pike was an extremely long weapon, varying considerably in size, from 3 to 7.5 metres (10 to 25 feet) long. It had a wooden shaft with an iron or steel spearhead affixed. The shaft near the head was often reinforced with metal strips called "cheeks" or langets. When the troops of opposing armies both carried the pike, it often grew in a sort of arms race, getting longer in both shaft and head length to give one side's pikemen an edge in the combat; the longest pikes could exceed 6 m (22 feet) in length. The extreme length of such weapons required a strong wood such as well-seasoned ash for the pole, which was tapered towards the point to prevent the pike from sagging on the ends, although this was always a problem in pike handling. It is a common mistake to refer to a bladed polearm as a pike. Such weapons are more generally halberds or glaives.

The great length of the pikes allowed a great concentration of spearheads to be presented to the enemy, with their wielders at a greater distance, but also made pikes unwieldy in close combat. This meant that pikemen had to be equipped with a shorter weapon such as a sword, mace, or dagger in order to defend themselves should the fighting degenerate into a melee. In general, however, pikemen attempted to avoid such disorganized combat, at which they were at a disadvantage. To compound their difficulties in a melee, the pikeman often did not have a shield or had only a small shield of limited use in close-quarters


Our findings (part 2)

 Dorothy Beaumont 

Married to the head of the castle garrison. Mrs Beaumont was an imporant lady at the castle and is belived to have been liked by all the staff, during the first siege of dudley castle in 1643 she gave birth to a still born child.

Soon afterwards she died (some say of a broken heart at the loss of baby daughter francessca) on her death bed she gave two wishes one she should be  buried with her daughter and two for husband to be at the funeral

These wishes were never met as as the army laying siege to the castle would not allow John Beaumont to leave the castle. As they where worried he may escape and bring help back to the castle in the shape of more soilders.

Also Dorothy was buried in an unmarked grave at the church at the top of Dudley town as st edmounds (were her daughter was buried)  had been knocked down so as the castle could see where all the enemy troops where.

This is why its belived that mrs Beaumont still haunts the site in a grey dress


Team veiws:

Neil sinnett:

Grey lady 

This entity is said to have made contact with  guest medium. 

However this entity is almost as famous as the castle itself with alot of written reports about her as well as her history.

As investigators we need to take this into account, when team members or medium's state they have seen a entity dressed in grey. As auto suggestion may come into their awarness with them knowing it or not


This was used by medium at this investigation. This was the only the second time this type of contact has been wittnessed by our team. as investigators we have to ask is this real  or has been said (NOT! by astral search uk) a product of autosurgession and acting.
I cannot say as  not seen enough of this form of contact to make an informed comment


An awesome location with a history to match.

we belive this site to be very active with both imprint and active hauntings at the site.  Also some events that happen to us have still staded unexplained to us

The Ancient Ram Inn (Wotton-Under-Edge)


Investigation held on 21-11-2009
Time: 9pm-till late
Investigators in attendance:
  • Neil Sinnett (Astral search uk).
  • Tess Bateman (Astral search uk).
  • Anthony Leddington (guest medium).
  • Kevin Cook (guest medium).
  • Samantha bavington (Astral search uk).
  • Andrew Bavington (Astral search uk).
  • John Humphries (location owner).
  • Lousie Homer (Astral search uk).
Tools used:
  • E.M.F metre.
  • Franks box.
  • Infared thermometre.
  • Auido Enhancer (Sonic ear).
  • Video camera.
  • Trigger objects.
Investigation report:
On arriving at location tess (guest medium) reported seeing a black shape outside the main door she described this as never been a human spirit. Owner john Humphries gave us a guided walk around the location, while doing this walk another guest medium told of seeing a dog entity and the name Hagar was given to him this was confirmed right away by the the owner as been his daughter dog who died at the location of old age..
Our findings:


A very nasty man. Brother of Edward. Responsible for many murders, he likes to strangle people who sit in the chair to the left of the fireplace in the Bishops room. He is beleived to have raped, and then strangled women and children. He's said to have killed his own son Richard who is also grounded there. We cannot confirm this information.


The most powerful and dominant spirit. Brother of Michael. A very tall strong man with dark features, sideburns and a hat. Often holds a staff. When he is around, all other spirits back off.said to be resopable for the deaths of many women and children at the site however our reserch cannot prove this claim one way or another.


Is Michael’s son. He is desperate to do 2 things. 1) Kill his father – Michael. 2) Move over into the light, which he is scared of doing while Michael is there.

Lilly ( a.k.a The Blue Lady) 

Lady Elizabeth (lillys real name) was murdered and buried beneath the bar area. She was murdered by Edward - her husband! He came home from his travels to find her pregnant so he killed her. She didn't have an affair though; she was raped by her brother in law - Michael! Edwards own flesh & blood.

Other Information 

Flim footage

we have caught what seem to be orbs in the witchs room however the location was full of dust and also damp so this cannot be ruled out as a cause for the orbs also the camera shook when the whole team felt the floor vibrate however the location is near a main road through the village so this must not be ruled as a cause with traffic running up and down it.


Its been reported to us that an investigator caught a sound of a cat meowing. none of the team has heard this yet so we cannot confirm if this is true.

Some of the team did report hearing a cat in the same room on diffrent occasions. This has remained unexplained by us.


From an investigation point this ability some mediums claim to have is still in question.After research many of what the mediums told us when in trance are true, but our research team also pointed out that if they could find the infomation so could anyone if they look.

Our veiw is Astral search uK has not seen enough of this type of mediumship to say weather it is genuine ability or a product of autosuggestion or research before hand and good acting.

Awesome location we belive this site to be very haunted with three dominate entities in charge of the rest these entities are of a very nasty nature and seem to be of the same family. 

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