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The meaning of our name:


Short for the word paranormal.


Sort for technology as we are a technology based team relying on evidence caught via our equipment cameras, voice recorder s ect..  not just mediums unlike so many teams in the field.


Prod to be a UK based team right in the heart of the west midlands so our name shows this

Our history:

In late 2007 Astral search uk was founded by Neil Sinnett & then (now ex) wife Sarah Sinnett. who had an interest in the paranormal. Now in 2017 the team has changed after 10 yrs of experience in the paranormal the team has evolved and taken a new look on the world (both physical and paranormal) now with just Neil at the front of us  we believe it's time to rewrite the rules of paranormal investigation for a more modern age.

Para- Tec  has a  Science based view relying on tools and eye witness accounts of physical events. We always start with a science base now with interviews with witnesses and a look into the locations history. After the data is gained on investigations the research team will look for any written evidence such as official documents or birth/death certificates of any names gained on the investigation connected to the site. This then go's into a report that the client keeps along with any photographs we think they maybe interested in.

Our aims:
  • To keep all investigations free of charge!
  • To help in anyway we can with your paranormal problems.
  • To follow up any private investigation so as our clients never feel on their own over their problems.
  • To present evidence of the paranormal in a balanced way.
  • To allow you the reader to make up your mind if the paranormal is real or not.


We can help

Are you like many people around the uk who are experiencing a paranormal problem, and unsure where to turn to get help in sorting it out for fear of not being believed.

Para- Tec can help you e-mail at [email protected].com  and leave your details off your problem and your contact details (this information can NOT! be seen on this website) and some one from the team will get back to you as soon as possible (within 24hrs).

Contact us (all quires are confidential)

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We can also be contacted the following ways:


Para-Tec uk say's use caution of any groups who claim to be able to cleanse houses or who say they are experts on demonology. All teams can ask a haunting to stop but NO ONE! can make an entity leave a site if it do's not want to go.

We are listed at the website. Click here to see our stats, and add a review Thank you :-)

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Aberystwyth castle (North Wales) held on 24-06-2013.

The Mount Pleasent public house (Wombourne ,Staffordshire) held on 19-12-2012.

Devil's bridge (Neatherton, West Midlands) held on 07-07-2012.

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